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My Series Called Ken Being Ken

2007-07-20 18:37:06 by KTH2k

Well to anybody who reads this ( There has to be somebody, I mean...come on )
Heres info on the series
Title of Series: "Ken being Ken"
[Character Bios]
Name: Jeffery Myers
Occupation: K-12 Student
Hobbies : Being...Emo
Gender : Male
Marital Status : Single

Name: Ken Kutagari
Occupation: K-12 Student
Hobbies : Playing Video Games, Fighting
Gender: Male
Marital Status : Single

Name: Dude
Occupation: K-12 Student
Hobbies : Playing Video Games, Having Sex, Smiling...and well, pointing at people
Gender: Male
Marital Status : Taken ( by millions of girls )

Name: Joe Tristan
Occupation: K-12 Student
Hobbies: Negotiating Stupid Ideas, Coming up with stupid ideas
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Married ( weird, eh? )

[Plot Line]
The Plot Line is a normal boy who has Weird Friends, who always get into weird situations
The Story usually takes place in their school, their dorm and sometimes the episode might lead it into other locations
Anybody who would like to help with Backgrounds, Voice Acting, etc, please PM ME, or something
But I'm only gonna be back online next month, so ya
Oh here are the characters
There are more characters like Ken's brother, and stuff, but u would have to read the Script, which I've already written, but I'm kind scared somebody is gonna steal my idea, so ya


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2007-07-20 19:51:00

sounds like a cool series, but I'm a bit busy with my own movies right now to help out.


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